We promote healthy eating by providing inexpensive fresh fruit and vegetables.


The Good Food Box buys from local farmers and distributors whenever possible.


The value of a Good Food Box is close to double the value at a regular supermarket.


The Good Food Box delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to a convenient location monthly.


Good Food Box Update May 7, 2018

The Good Food Box is back!

The Good Food Box Program is returning on Thursday, May 17, run by a new society, The Good Food Box Society of the North Okanagan.

For more details, please read this article in the Vernon Morning Star.


Get Involved


Everyone is welcome to get involved with The Good Food Box program.


We need volunteers to:

- order produce
- weigh produce
- pack boxes
- distribute boxes


Call Diane Fleming on 250-545-7617 to learn more.

Monthly Newsletter


Our monthly newsletter is full of useful information and recipes. 


             Click here to read it.

Sample Good Food Box


5lbs Potatoes
1lb Onions
2lbs Carrots
1 Romaine Lettuce
1 Bunch of Broccoli
1 BC Long English Cucumber
2lbs Yams
1lb Roma Tomatoes
3lbs Mac Apples
1lb Red Grapes
12 Oranges

All for $17


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