February Box

Order by:

February 13th

Pick Up:

February 21st




Can I choose what I want in my box?

No, everyone gets the same thing. If you don't like an item in your box, you may want to trade it with someone else when you pick up your Good Food Box. We are happy to hear your feedback on the mix of foods in the box and the quality. We also include a newsletter which gives you preparation and food storage tips, recipes for more unusual items, and nutritional information.


How much money can I save?

The value of the box is close to double the value at a regular supermarket, depending on the store and the time of year.


Why do I save money?

One reason you save is because of the pre-order system. When you order your box in advance, we can minimize waste by buying the right amount of food. The group-buying power that comes from ordering in bulk also saves money. We save on packing costs because volunteers come to the distribution centre to pack the boxes.


Can anyone participate?

Yes. The Good Food Box program was founded to help everyone get enough fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.

We need volunteers to:

- order produce
- weigh produce
- pack boxes
- distribute boxes


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